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Common Types of Defective Products in Liability Cases

Published on May 3rd, 2021

Product Liability Cases

When a product goes to market, the creators of that product, and most specifically any company responsible in bringing it to market, are liable for any and all physical injury or property damage caused while the product was being used as intended by a consumer.

In the state of Illinois, courts rely on two primary legal theories for product liability cases. The first is the negligence theory and the second is the strict liability theory. The negligence theory relies on the concept that there was a duty of care to an individual, and that those responsible for the product breached that duty, followed by proof of causation and the resulting damages.

The strict liability theory says that if an injury occurred to an individual because of a dangerous product defect that existed while the manufacturer/supplier/etc. still had possession of the product, then they can be found liable for the harm caused to the individual who purchased the product.

Common Product Defects

Some of the most common products in product liability cases include the following:

  1. Motor Vehicles – Often these cases include faulty braking systems, airbags, tires, and engine defects.
  2. Pharmaceutical Drugs – A plaintiff may hold not only the manufacturer accountable in cases of pharmaceutical drug injury, but also the prescribing physician, pharmacist(s), and/or sales representatives.
  3. Medical Devices – These can include devices/products that are implanted in the human body by medical professionals. (i.e. insulin pumps, pacemakers, breast implants, etc.)
  4. Appliances – These might include things like microwaves, space heaters, coffee makers, and many more appliances designed for daily household use.
  5. Cleaning Products – If someone experiences negative physical symptoms after using a cleaning product/chemical, they may have a right to compensation.
  6. Kids Toys – Many children under the age of 15 are injured because of defective toys every year.
  7. Food PoisoningThe CDC estimates that 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) get sick every year from foodborne diseases.
  8. Makeup/Cosmetics – Some cosmetics have cancer causing chemicals and other irritants/allergens in them. Some injuries that can be caused by cosmetics include, but are not limited to, skin rashes, eye irritation, and neurological damage.
  9. Gardening/Environmental Products – These include products such as weed killers, fertilizers, and other environmental products which are often made with chemicals and toxic ingredients.
  10. Industrial Equipment – Injuries caused by industrial equipment are often severe and commonly include loss of limb(s) and death.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Rockford - American Law Firm, P.C.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Rockford - American Law Firm, P.C.

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