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Changes in Illinois Laws That You Should Make Note of for 2020

Published on December 20th, 2019

As the new year approaches, there are several new laws being implemented and current laws being updated in the state of Illinois in 2020. While we’ve all heard about the legalization of recreational marijuana, there are quite a few others to keep in mind especially regarding personal injury cases and other areas of practice we focus on at The American Law Firm.

Worker’s Compensation Lack of Coverage Enforcement

This law update streamlines the process of enforcing action again employers that fail to have workers’ compensation insurance and increases the maximum penalty of this coverage failure to $10,000.

DUI Prevention and Education Commission Act

This is being created under the DUI Prevention and Education Commission to distribute grants for crash victim program and materials, impaired driving prevention programs, and other programs related to DUI. The DUI Prevention and Education Fund is also being created.

Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Consumers aged 21 or older will be able to purchase marijuana products for recreational use from licensed sellers starting Jan 1, 2020. Recreational use is allowed in one’s home and on-site at some licensed cannabis-related businesses, but is prohibited from public places and in motorized vehicles. Those convicted of marijuana possession of under 30 grams prior to legalization will be eligible to have their record reviewed by the Prisoner Review Board and Gov. JB Pritzker for a pardon – as long as the convictions are not associated with violent crime.

If you have further questions about any of the above law changes or are in need of an injury lawyer in the Rockford area, contact The American Law Firm today for more information!

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