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Need-to-Knows About Filing for Divorce

Published on August 26th, 2019

Filing for divorce can be a stressful and overwhelming process, especially when emotions are running high between the two parties. Once you have decided to file for divorce, hiring a lawyer in Rockford is an ideal step to help you move forward with your case. Below are some important things to know when filing for a divorce. 

How Long Will Settling A Divorce Take?

Depending on the type of divorce you are filing for, the time frame will differ. There is no set length that the proceedings will conclude. It can be a complex process; some cases even extend over a few years. 


Contested divorce cases tend to go on longer before they can be settled. In these cases, there is usually a disagreement between the two parties on one or more issues. Common disagreements can result from whether filing the divorce is the right thing to do, who will receive custody of the children, how property will be distributed, or who takes home the family pet. Coming to agreements on these issues and many others can take several months of debating. 


Uncontested divorces normally take much less time than contested ones. In the case of an uncontested divorce, both parties involved have come to an agreement on all issues prior to filing. These agreements will then be approved by the judge and the divorce can be settled. 

Custody Resolutions 

Determining custody agreements for children can be a complicated decision. It can also result in much debate and conflict between spouses. Whether you decide to have sole custody or joint custody, coming to the decision can be stressful when emotions are high. Our lawyers in Rockford at American Law Firm can help you process and determine what is best for you and your children when filing for divorce. 

What Is Marital Debt? 

If you and your spouse accumulated any debt during a marriage, it will need to be settled during the divorce. Marital debt is the responsibility of both parties involved in a divorce. The expenses that were accumulated during the marriage will be debated while filing for divorce. Once the settlement is closed, an ex-spouse will no longer be responsible for the other parties’ post-marital debts. 

If you need assistance with filing for divorce, contact our Rockford lawyers at American Law Firm on our website today. 

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