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Staying Safe as a Pedestrian in Chicago

Published on June 21st, 2019

Even though our personal injury lawyers in Rockford, Illinois provide legal services to injured pedestrians, we still want you to do everything you can to stay safe as a pedestrian. If it was up to us, we wouldn’t need to represent anyone in legal cases regarding injuries caused by cars hitting pedestrians.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and part of the reason is that not everyone knows what they need to do to stay safe as a pedestrian and avoid a visit to personal injury lawyer in Rockford, Illinois. But, as we always are here at American Law Firm, we’re on the case to prepare you to be a safer pedestrian.

Don’t Assume Anything

Remember, when it comes to being a safe pedestrian, it doesn’t really matter if you have the right of way or not. You should still be on the lookout for cars or trucks that may be a danger to you. For example, when a crosswalk signal changes and it’s time for you to walk, you still need to look both ways. That way, if someone is driving dangerously, you can see them before it’s too late and avoid walking until the dangerous driver has passed.

To be sure, a car driving in this manner could land you in the office of a personal injury lawyer in Rockford, Illinois. And while you’d probably win, in this case, it’s better to avoid the injury in the first place.

Avoid Walking at Night

Of course, in some cases, you simply can’t avoid walking at night without it causing a major inconvenience or expense. While we won’t try to persuade you from walking at night if you really want to, it would be best to avoid walking when it’s harder for drivers to see you. If you must walk at night, make sure to stay close to sidewalks and obey all traffic signals while also being aware of the cars around you.

Make Eye Contact

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t assume anything when you’re out walking as a pedestrian. One way to avoid the danger of assuming a driver has seen you are to make eye contact with the driver. For example, if you see a driver that can legally make a right turn on red but you’re about to walk, make an effort to look at the driver and make eye contact before crossing. That way, you know that the driver sees you.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Rockford - American Law Firm, P.C.

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