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Tips To Avoid A DUI During The Holidays

Published on September 24th, 2019

The holidays are coming up and everyone is getting ready to travel to their families and friends for good food and even better company. However, people may be drinking more than usual, which can increase the odds of getting arrested for a DUI. Driving fatalities during Thanksgiving and New Year’s are more common than you think so, as your injury attorneys serving Rockford, we have some tips on how to avoid arrests.

Don’t Drink And Drive

This is clearly the easiest and best way to avoid a DUI during the holidays. If you decide to drink, don’t get behind the wheel and put yourself and others at risk. Make sure you have a sober designated driver to drive you home after your party.

Know Your State’s Laws

State DUI laws vary so if you do decide to have one drink and drive a couple of hours later, make sure you are aware of the state laws to make sure you are following them and not doing anything illegal. If you do get pulled over by an officer, you must be polite and cooperative when they ask for specific information and you answer their questions. Some states are harsher with penalties if you refuse to comply with a breath, blood, or urine test.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

If you are driving home, drive safely. Make sure everyone in your car is buckled up and pay attention to other vehicles on the road. Don’t text and drive or pick up the phone to make a call. 

As your injury attorneys serving Rockford, we hope you stay safe during the holiday time and choose to drive only when you are legally allowed to. 

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