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What To Do If You Receive A Criminal Traffic Citation

Published on August 26th, 2019

Criminal traffic citations are serious offenses that may require the help of our Rockford attorneys. If you have received a criminal violation from any offense it is best to seek the advice of a trained professional before making any statements or appearing in court. Criminal traffic violations can include a multitude of incidents. Some common offenses include impaired driving, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI’s, street racing, and dangerous driving. 

Understand the Offense 

If you have been accused of a criminal traffic violation, it is best to understand the offense for which you are being charged. Regardless of the severity of your particular criminal citation, you should try to educate yourself on the nuances of your violation. The better you understand what you are being accused of, the more prepared you will be for the next steps in the process. 

Hire a Qualified Attorney 

With any criminal traffic citation, hiring a Rockford attorney is in your best judgment. Our attorneys at American Law Firm have seen many cases of criminal traffic citations, therefore our team has gained the knowledge needed to help guide you before moving forward. An attorney can assist you in having the proper documents and paperwork and also help defend your case in court. 

Prepare for a Court Appearance 

After speaking with your attorney, you should start preparing for the court appearance. Prior to the court appearance, you will meet with your lawyers to discuss a plan of action. They will also be able to answer any questions you have about the process to help you better prepare. 

If you find yourself facing a criminal traffic citation and you are unsure about how to move forward, contact our team at American Law Firm today. 

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