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Will a ‘Wet Floor’ Sign Negate My Slip and Fall Claim?

Published on May 12th, 2020

Slipping and falling on a hard surface may be amusing in a cartoon, but in real life this kind of accident can result in very serious injuries. For this reason, we should all take reasonable precautions and watch where we’re going. When it comes to personal injury law, property owners take on some amount of risk when they open their building or lot to visitors. It’s also the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that reasonable measures are taken to prevent injuries on the premises. 

Expectations for Property Owners

When it comes to spills and slippery surfaces, it’s the property owner’s duty to see that action is taken immediately to prevent anyone from being injured. Typically, one of the first steps is to see that a warning sign is quickly posted. While ‘wet floor’ signs are not legally required, posting these signs provides a degree of protection for the owner against potential negligence suits. 

When a Sign is Posted

It may still be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit despite a sign being posted if the sign was obscured or positioned away from the injured party. If the ground was excessively slippery or damaged, or there were obstructions preventing a clear path around the spill, it could be found that posting the sign was insufficient. Signs are meant to be used as a temporary solution; if it was instead used to put off cleaning the spill for an extended period of time, it’s unlikely that the property owner will be found not at fault. A trained personal injury attorney in Belvidere can help you make your case.

Responding to a Lawsuit

In some ‘slip-and-fall’ personal injury cases, property owners argue that they were (or an employee was) on their way to retrieve a sign when the accident occurred. This kind of defense is often met with questions about how long it took to step away from the spill, and why no one was posted to warn visitors of the hazard in the meanwhile. The property owner may not be found liable if the person who slipped was talking, texting, running, engaging in horseplay, entered an off-limits area, or otherwise failed to take reasonable precautions.

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Whether or not there was a cautionary sign posted at the time of your accident, you may still have grounds for a personal injury suit. Get in touch with our personal injury attorneys in Belvidere to learn more about your rights. We offer free case evaluations to all potential clients to encourage people to seek out the legal help they need. Contact us today!

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