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Divorced Parents. Back to school when you’re not together any more

Published on March 29th, 2018

So many children are from divorced families some extra efforts need to be made to have both parents in the loop on their children’s education. The Court says you’re divorced from each other but you’re still mom and dad. Here are some tips on giving your children the support of both parents when mom has a house and dad has a house.


  • If you are the parent who the children “officially” live with make sure the school knows the address and phone number of the non-residential parent as well as your own to enable the school to forward all school event and grade information to both parents.
  •  Meet the teachers and directly let them know there will be times to contact the residential non-residential parent for open houses and parent teacher conferences.
  • Share the supply list with the non-residential parent as soon as you get it so you can share the amount needed to buy the supplies so you both know what your children need and each are a part of the “Back to School” experience.


  •  If you and your ex-spouse are having issues make sure to have your issues outside of the school so it is place where the children the focus and not either of you.


  • Communicate everything; sometimes hearing the ex-spouse’s voice can be the problem so let your fingers do the communicating. Whether it is by text message or e-mail you will never lose by simply sharing what’s happening at school for the children.
  • Never use the children as messengers: they are not supposed to be in the middle and putting them there; even if they are teenagers, will only lead to them getting dragged into taking sides.

If you are divorced and have children try to work things out. If you can’t reach an agreement with your ex-spouse you need advice on the latest state of the law. Consulting an attorney on any matter where the Courts or the Government is involved is your best move.

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