Welcome to our Insurance/Referral page. Through this page the American Law Firm may be able to represent you "Free of Charge" or at a substantial discount! A significant value and great deal, so please read on...

The American Law Firm is one of a few select Law Firms in the Stateline area that enjoys relationships with a number of insurance and referral companies that send clients to our Law Firm. We in turn represent these clients "Free of Charge" or at a significant discount.

A few of these insurance or referral companies are: HYATT Legal Plans, ARAG, Legal Club of America, CLC, and Legal Shield of America. These companies in turn have relationships with many respected employers throughout the stateline area such as Woodward, FedEx, UPS, Swedish American Hospital, and MetLife.

So if you work for any of the aforesaid  companies or another employer who has a relationship with the above Insurance/Referral companies, the American Law Firm may be able  to represent you or your family members "Free of Charge" or at a substantial discount depending upon your employee benefit.
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For many years The American Law Firm has represented thousands of clients just like you who have enjoyed this generous benefit. For more information, please give us a call, check out the web sites mentioned above or click on the video icon attached to this page.
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