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Premises Liability and Duty of Care

An owner (or occupier) of any premises owes a duty of care to anyone entering the premises; this simply means taking ordinary care to keep the premises safe. Both licensees and invitees are owed the same duty of care in the state of Illinois. There is no distinction between the two when it comes to premises liability law.

No duty of care is owed to an adult trespasser. However, they are not to be subjected to willful injury, as might be caused by a booby trap.

Property Types

Shopkeepers and store owners have a duty to make sure the premises are safe for customers. This includes maintaining a security staff to prevent any violent incidents, keeping stacked goods and stockpiles secure at all times, and keeping the aisles clear of debris and clutter. Homeowners (and renters) should make certain their home is safe for visitors as well anyone visiting the property for business purposes.

Business owners are expected to keep their buildings structurally safe and sound, as not to cause injury. When it comes to land, whether it is a baseball field or a golf course, landowners must ensure the land is safe for its intended purpose.

Injury Due to Breach of Duty of Care

When a hazardous condition results from a property owner (or occupier) not maintaining his or her property in a normal and reasonable manner, it may be considered negligence, or in legal terms – a breach of duty of care. If the hazardous condition causes a visitor to become injured, the property owner (or occupier) may be held liable for those injuries.

If you or someone you love, has suffered an injury due to an unsafe or hazardous condition on another’s property, it might be advisable to discuss your options with a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer in Rockford.

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