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“All the attorneys and members of the firm have been a great help and kept me updated on my case.”
-Sonny Chanthaloth

“I went to American law after being involved a car accident. They were with my wife and I from the start to the finish giving me advise I needed along the way. Would highly recommend them”
-Rick Leuellen

“I was on an automobile accident in Dec 2015.. the other drivers insurance company was not answering any of my phone calls so I had no choice but to seek out an attorney. The American Law firm was hands down the best choice I could have made. Mark, Tyler and Brittany handled everything including medical bills. I ended up getting awarded enough to pay the Attorneys, the medical bills and have something left over for me; more than I could imagine. I highly recommend them if your are in need of Personal Injury representation.”
-Paul Cushing

“I met with Mark Brynteson at American Law Firm. His advice was so honest, insightful, and incredibly helpful with my case regarding Veteran’s Benefits.”
-Ann O’Brien

“I was able to file bankruptcy through the American Law firm, R. Owen Ainsworth was my lawyer, he was very thorough and professional. Cammy Cushman was a huge blessing in her actions of helping me so quickly so I didn’t lose my DL. They were and are a wonderful group and would highly recommend their services.”
-Alyssa Argetsinger

“The American Law Firm helped me with seeking an emergency Order of Protection. After three weeks, we went to trial to get the OP granted for an additional two years. The attorney who handled my case fought passionately and won the argument in which the Judge granted the OP for an additional two years! The staff and paralegals were amazing and always answered my questions when I called.”
-Brittany Matz

“One of the best law firms I ever worked with. If I need lawyer service again I definitely would go to American Law Firm. They do know what they’re doing, they represent you the best they can. They have flexible payment plans and they can help”
-Alta Dawson

“Attorney Ainsworth and Cammy Cushman were the absolute best in resolving what was a difficult case to day the least and my family thanks them for their combined efforts!”
-Paul Wells

“Very thorough and professional. Staff was kind and compassionate. Handled my case quickly, saving me thousands of dollars. 10/10 would definitely hire again.”
-Denny Sanders

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Client Testimonials

After meeting with Mr. Crosby I feel that I have the information that I need to make the right decision.



Client Testimonials

Professional and personable. Tyler listened to us and explained everything thoroughly. It was nice to have someone who could understand and relate.

Regina Klikas


Client Testimonials

Very professional, straightforward and honest about options for my case.

Lyn Pond


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